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Maritime Mobile Service Net Relays Distress Call

Maritime Mobile Service Net Relays Distress Call; Crew, Passengers, and Vessel Safe The Maritime Mobile Service Network (MMSN) recently served as a critical communication link after the sport fishing vessel Free Spirit put out a “mayday” distress call on VHF marine channel 16 after running into trouble in Mexican waters. Brian Stipak, KF7QCX — skipper […]

Working Split

So what does it mean “Working Split”? Well here is a great video to help you understand it.    

May Meeting

Field Day is upon us.  It’s just over 2 months away.  Are you prepared?  Ready for cool mountain air? For those who became a ham because of Emergency Communications?  Then this is the event for you.  It’s sort of a contest, but it’s focus is on Emergency Communications. So my question to you, are you […]

Last nights meeting

Only 5 people showed up last night.  We had an interesting discussion on antennas, and how to calculate path loss and what coax to use for your station setup. Franks setup we figured out mathematically was superior.  Just the combination of using LMR400 and a small gain antenna, we figured out that his station was […]

7 Big Flares Means No Sleepy Sun Yet

7 Big Flares Means No Sleepy Sun Yet: Solar Storm Forecast 04-06-2017   The Sun pranks us but good for April Fools this year with 7 M-class flares all in the span of 48 hours. It also launched a few solar storms, though none of them were Earth-directed. See when the fireworks started, how it […]

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