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Last Nights meeting

It wasn’t completely a bust, but there wasn’t as many people as we had in the past.  Not sure if it was because Trump was speaking and everyone had to stay home to hear him, or if most of you were busy with life stuff.  Either way, we missed you but understand.

The two topics we discussed last night was the AMPR/Packet Radio setup that we have.  We didn’t do a demo due to the fact that the radio side is not up and running at this time.  So no point in doing a demo if it’s going to be only one sided.  So the Demo will be in the future.

The other topic was the campout.  Technically the campout is the 26th, 27th and 28th, but we are extending it out to include the 25th as well.  We have a few members who work night shift, and weekends, so we are trying to accommodate them as well.  It’s difficult to accommodate everyone.

The campout will be at Oakflats.  I am hoping that Dennis and I will be able to get up there and grab a site before they disappear.  There are two major areas that we normally camp at.  Either in the field as you enter the campground, off to the right, or go all the way to the very back of the campground.  This will not be the normal place we will camp, next year we might move it into April so we can move to the Timbercamp group campground.  But because of how much snow and rain we have been getting, we decided to move it closer and lower elevation.

There were other topics discussed throughout the night.  One member brought his rollup J-pole setup.  We discussed field day and some other antenna options for Field Day.

There will be NO meeting in March due to the fact that the day we come back is the same day.

Next meeting will be April.  Topic still up in the air at this time.  Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook for further info.

Updated: March 1, 2017 — 08:46

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