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Last nights meeting 10-25-2016

Last night meeting.  Not sure why the turn out was low, but it might have been because of the World Series.  Either way, the meeting was a great meeting.

Some more changes are coming.  Main change is going to be to our Camping trips.  To be inclusive of a few members who work night shift and have certain days off, we will be doing at least one campout where we camp Sunday through Tuesdays instead of Friday through Sunday.

So the next campout will be in February or March.  Not sure just yet, but it will be a Sunday through Tuesday campout.

Next thing is, our club will be working on building a BBS.  The concept and dream is to have a BBS/Packet radio system setup that we can use a VHF/UHF radio system and connect into it, allowing members to do some experimenting with packet radio.

The other item discussed but was tabled for later is a 10 Meter Repeater.  We have a plan for that, but it will have to be a club project that is put on the back burner for now.

Next meeting topic will be Public Service, how to get involved, what it will take, and where to go, as well as how the club can get involved if we want to do one as a club.  One of our members asked for this, so hopefully this person will be there.

Updated: October 26, 2016 — 11:11

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