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ARRL Field Day

Yes, it’s only January, very close to being February.  So Field Day is June 24th and 25th this year.  Please mark it on your calendars, your day planners, mark it in your phone with an alert.  Field day is always the 4th full weekend of June.

We will be camping up on the Rim again, at the same campground as last year.  We will be in the Ernst spot, not the Simmons spot like last year.

I have the campground reserved from Thursday the 22nd through Wednesday the 28th.  This will give everyone a good chance at doing some camping.  You don’t have to stay the full time.  Show up when you want (after 2pm on Thursday) and leave when you want (prior to Wednesday at 11am).  Those of you who want to show up for just Saturday and Sunday, you are more than welcome to do so.  Visitors are always welcome, however, you might have to park in the overflow parking area at the bottom of the hill before you get into the campground.

Yes there is a cost, $25 per family group.  This is just to help offset the cost of the campground.

There will be more mentioned as the months go by.  I just wanted everyone to be aware of this update.

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