Mesa Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to The Mesa Amateur Radio Club. Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States of America | Grid: DM43el

Staff Biographies

male-silhouettePresident: Dennis Burks KE7YLV

Dennis has not submitted a bio yet. Don’t let that fool you though! Dennis is a founding member of the Mesa Amateur Radio Club, and has been very active since our inception in 2010. He enjoys data modes on HF, although if you’re lucky, you’ll hear him on the airwaves during our numerous events. He might not hear you though…lol. Aside from being an all-around-good-guy, Dennis is our master antenna home brewer. His massive home built inverted Vee dipole antenna is a staple at all of our events. It truly is a sight to behold.


Vice President: Vinnie Chapman N1LQJ

Vinnie is also a founding member of the club. He is very active at our event and meetings. If you’re new to the hobby, this is the guy to go to! His wealth of knowledge on radio as been an invaluable resource to many people in our club.

According to his QRZ page, Vinnie’s personal distance records (12m and up)

  • 12m (5500 Miles), Arizona to Ship at Sea off Coast of Southern Chile
  • 10m (7500 Miles), Arizona, US to Queensland, AUS
  • 2m (650 Miles), Rhode Island to North Carolina
  • Satellite (6750 Miles), Boston to Calcutta India

Ham since March 1992, and CEPT US Amateur Extra Class License.

Picture1Secretary and Treasurer: Orion Thrower KE7VLC

I live in Apache Junction Arizona.  I got into this hobby mostly for Emergency Communications.  Once I got my license I quickly learned that there is more to this hobby than EmComm.  That’s right, I am not a whacker.  And I am proud of it.  I am happy with what I do.

Ok for those who have contacted me on the air, I love to ragchew.  On occasion I do enjoy making as many contacts as possible, but if you stop to share stories of your life or experiences, I will gladly talk your ear off.

However, you can tell by my pictures that I love the outdoors, so I typically will be out hiking, fishing, camping.  I don’t just sit around playing radio all the time.

One goal of mine is to work all 50 states.  How am I doing so far?  Well I haven’t kept track of any contacts made.  Eventually I will get serious enough to start actually logging my contacts and asking for QSL cards, but for now I will just settle for talking to everyone.  If you do contact me and you want to help me achieve my goal, the please by all means send me a QSL card.

Other things about me.

I want to give back to the hobby what it gave me.  I had an Elmer, actually a few Elmers, that encouraged me to look beyond EmComm and explore the hobby.  That is exactly what I am doing now.  I am trying to encourage other potential hams, new hams, or hams that have never touched a radio, to have fun and explore the hobby.  After all, isnt’ that what a good Extra does?  I might not know a ton, but I can sure help you find out the answer, or where to look for it.

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