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Welcome to The Mesa Amateur Radio Club. Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States of America | Grid: DM43el


Our Beginnings

Through the decades, our club meetings had transformed from interactive black board discussions and group activities into ‘point and click’ power point presentations that often covered topics not related to amateur radio.  Originally a coffee table discussion between two board members, the concept of establishing an activities group began to grow within the radio club.  Our goals were simple, clear and non-negotiable.  Get into the field and onto the air! 

club-waveHaving had the board reject our proposal for an activities group in March of 2010, we took our proposal directly to the club’s general membership.  In April 2010, our group was offically chartered by majority vote from the club’s general membership.  We grew rapidly, and by August of 2010 it became painfully apparent that although the club’s general membership voted to establish an activities group, the club’s board of directors were unwilling to fund it, thereby threatening it’s very survival.

In September of 2010, frustrated over a lack of funding, repeated denied access to club equipment and a clear disconnect between the wishes of the club’s membership and the goals of it’s elected leaders, several members of the club’s board of directors, the leaders of the activities group, and other club members voted to offically seperate and draft a new club constitution.  Our new constitution, ratified in October 2010, offically established the name of the club as the ‘Mesa Amateur Radio Club’.  The ARRL recognized the club immediately, granting full club membership privlidges in 2011.

Vinnie, N1LQJ making a contact during one of our many camping trips!

Vinnie, N1LQJ making a contact during one of our many camping trips!

Our group continues to follow it’s original mission, as enacted by the general membership in it’s original April 2010 charter, to operate strictly as an activities group.  We focus on camping, field trips, various outdoor activities to include fox hunts, and teaching.  We do not have, nor have plans for, a club repeater or hamfest.

What We Are and Are Not

The Mesa ARC is an activities club specialising in emergency preparedness and group activities. Our activities meetings are two hours long. In these meetings we strive to not only give a class on how to do something but also go outside immediately after and do it. Sometimes the activity, such as running HF for a night, is instructional for new hams through the experience of doing the activity. We often have antenna building classes or other electronics projects.

The Mesa ARC focuses on maintaining a tight knit year round amateur radio community that can be called on when ever there is an emergency or a fellow ham in need. (ie, we take care of our own and the community as a whole) For those who are interested in ham radio, we’ll stand behind you and do everything necessary, other than take the test for you, to help you pass your exam. If you are a technician we encourage you to upgrade and will help you with the theory as much as humanly possible.

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