Mesa Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to The Mesa Amateur Radio Club. Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States of America | Grid: DM43el

Call out to any club members

There has been a request to see if there are any club members willing to assist with a Jamboree On the Air event (JOTA) for a local Boy Scout Troop. JOTA Any interested members, please reach out to David Moeller, email address is This event is the Third Weekend in October.  I don’t have […]

Next meeting – September 27th 6:30pm

Next meeting will have two parts.  The first part will be about Solar power.  The second part will be about the AZ QSO party, the new venue, what to expect, what to bring, and how to join us. This year, once again, we are the bonus station.  So we are going to try to work […]

ARRL September VHF Contest is September 10-12

There is a contest this coming weekend.  Those with only a tech license can do this.  It doesn’t require any specialized equipment other than an antenna and VHF/UHF radio.  Yes it does help if you have a Yagi antenna and can get to the top of a peak, but don’t sell yourself short.  Give it […]

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