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7 Big Flares Means No Sleepy Sun Yet

7 Big Flares Means No Sleepy Sun Yet: Solar Storm Forecast 04-06-2017   The Sun pranks us but good for April Fools this year with 7 M-class flares all in the span of 48 hours. It also launched a few solar storms, though none of them were Earth-directed. See when the fireworks started, how it […]

April Meeting

Discussion on how our March Campout went. Not bad for two people getting on the air.  Ended up testing different antennas and getting some great DX stations. Vinnie will talk about how to calculate feedline loss, Antenna Gain, and Path loss.

Weekend camping trip

Camping trip went off with several issues.  One was the fact that Oakflats has become a busy place and always packed.  So a decision not to use Oakflats has come up and the several club members made the decision that for future camp outs, it will not be used.  We might use it for a […]

Field Day packet and info on ARRL website


Just to let everyone know, the Field Day info is now up on ARRL website.  I encourage everyone to follow this link and at least read the rules as well as the rest of the packet. Field Day will be held at the same location as last year.  So nothing has changed.  A few of […]

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